Image Consulting workshop

First step

  • Image feedback given by the consultant: in which position/function/industry she thinks the participant is and why.
  • Definition of the image that the participant wants to project.
  • Analysis of possible discrepancies, strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Style analysis in front of a mirror and advice.
  • Definition of an illustrated and detailed action plan with the support of a sartorial look-book.
  • Make-up and skin/haircare tips for women.
  • Work on all style elements according to the dress code in line with the professional context, the function, the company, the industry, business, the people met and the participant’s personality :
  1. Clothing, style, cut, textures, patterns, color range.
  2. Accessories.
  3.  Hairstyle; for women: hair color and make-up.
  4. Grooming, hygiene and how to take care of one’s clothing and accessories.
  5. Recommended addresses.

Step two


  • Wardrobe selection at home.

Step three

  • In-store shopping advice and guidance.