EGOSTYLE acts as a training agency and, as such, is authorized by the Regional Directorate of Labour, Employment and professional Training from Ile de France, to sign training agreements.
Declaration of existence number: 11 92 147 64 92.


  • Training of trainers & skills transfer .
  • Training of trainees inside companies.
  • Creation and design of course and training material.

Self image :

  • Grooming and professional dress code.

Communicate with others :

  • Communicate with body language.
  • Communicate in teams.
  • Master the codes of everyday savoir-vivre.
  • Master the codes of etiquette in various cultural settings (customs, gestures, distance, visual contact, physical contact).
  • Master the codes of etiquette at the table (at the restaurant: I am inviting / I am invited).

Managerial communication :

  • Manage a team.
  • Conduct a meeting.
  • Conduct an individual interview.

Professional communication :

  • Written and e-mail communication.
  • Telephone communication.
  • Communicate via other media.
  • How to be organised and manage priorities.

Skills transfer :

  • Conduct a training session.

For each module the documents trainees / trainer are at your disposal :

  • Training programme.
  • Games’ slides + trainees’ comments / trainer’s comments sent the day after the training by e-mail.
  • Games, quizzes & exercises for the trainees.