Christine Cavel de Courcy

“We live in a world of fierce competition. This drives us to reach beyond our limits to achieve higher performance levels.
One’s success in leadership increasingly depends on self-image.
Before there is any verbal communication, our image determines a first impression and becomes the base of the future relationship.
— Christine Cavel de Courcy


Christine founded EGOSTYLE 20 years ago following a range of experiences in luxury and the textile industry (Hermès, Jansen, art galleries). She believes that the employees’ image is paramount in any business relationship.

She argues that behaviour, interpersonal skills, savoir-vivre, non-verbal communication and self-image are what makes the difference in any business setting, be it a business meeting or a job interview.

Christine trains companies’ employees and coaches their managers and CEOs in order to improve their image and communication skills in the following situations: trade talks, job interviews, performance assessment meetings, thesis presentations, press relations, public relations, etc.

She is careful to take into account each and everyone’s personality, function, industry as well as professional and personal projects and ambitions in order to give tailored training and advice.

Among her references are: Accor, Louis Vuitton, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Landwell  Associates, France Télécom/Orange, Orascom Télécom, Verbateam and Christie’s.

Christine's pedagogical skils

  • Elaboration du cahier des charges avec le client, réponse aux appels d’offre.
  • Defining the client’s goals while amalgamating her own observations
  • Auditing the image of the company, of its employees and of the customer service quality.
  • Designing the courses and training tools.
  • Defining the criteria of professionalism for each position.
  • Creating skills validation tests, evaluation tests and self-evaluation tests.
  • Running management, communication, self-image, personal development, customer relationship and sales and trading workshops.
  • Transferring knowledge and training others to able to coach in the future.

Her professional background

  • Since 1991: Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Concept Designer at Egostyle, which she founded.
  • 1987-1991: Manager and Training Manager at Ghanty, Saint Denis de la Reunion, textile leader in the Indian Ocean region.
  • 1985-1987: Manager and Human Resources Manager at Prenatal, Paris.
  • 1982-1985: Creation Assistant at Maison Jansen, rue Royale, Paris.
  • 1979-1982: Public Relations Assistant Manager at Hermès, Paris.